Let Us Clean Up The Yard While You Relax

Yard Removal

Let Us Clean Up The Yard While You Relax

So you’ve just spent all day out in the yard, trimming, pulling weeds and landscaping. Your yard looks great! There is, however, that giant pile of weeds, branches, grass, and other yard waste, detracting from all the hard work you’ve just done. Now what?

Branches, Thorn Bushes and Brush, Oh My!

At Mesa Junk Removal – Junk Police, we can cleanup and remove any type of yard waste you’ve got. Whether you’ve got heavy branches, painful thorn bush clippings, or just some light brush and grass, you can count on Junk Police  to restore your yard and haul your stress away!

So, instead of lugging, loading, and dumping dirt, leaves, sticks, rocks, poison ivy and other waste in your personal vehicle, call Mesa Junk Removal Junk Police  at 602 576 6423 today!

Benefits Of Your Stress-Free Yard Waste Removal

  • NO PRESSURE: You always receive a free, no-obligation estimate
  • PEACE OF MIND:You’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that every Mesa Junk Removal Junk Police team member is professionally trained, in addition to being fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  • LAST MINUTE MIRACLES:Even when you need help quickly, our Priority Same Day and Next Day service options mean that we can take care of what you need, even at the last minute in most cases.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Take pride in knowing you’re doing your part to help the Earth. Mesa Junk Removal Junk Police recycles or donates over 70% of everything we haul, distinguishing us as the industry’s true leader in eco-friendly disposal.
  • RELAX & SMILE:You’ll be all smiles because the Mesa Junk Removal Junk Police are sure to deliver the most courteous, efficient, friendly and stress-free service you’ve ever experienced!
  • Call Mesa Junk Removal / Junk Police today at 602 576 6423


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